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We are experts at finding the perfect property among San Diego houses for sale. The competition is fierce, the market is volatile and only a select few Realtors and Real Estate Agents can really understand where the market is ripe for the picking.

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Are you looking for a local buyers agent with proven results and fantastic reviews? Look no further!

Looking for the perfect home to buy in San Diego can be overwhelming. The market is booming and there aren’t many choices on the market. At Coast Homes by Aja, I promise to deliver an outstanding level of service and expertise while helping my clients buy property fast, stress-free, and for the best price in the San Diego real estate market. 

As an experienced real estate agent, I have a track record of frequently securing properties under my clients’ budget – time and time again. Contact Me today before buying your next property. 

The Basic Buyers Guide - Real Estate In San Diego And Coastal North County

What are some things you should consider before you dive into Encinitas Real Estate or any of the beautiful coastal areas of North County San Diego? There are many homes for sale in Oceanside CA, Carlsbad, Leucadia and Cardiff that have extraordinary investment potential. The truth is, this is one of most popular areas to purchase Real Estate in all of America. 

The competition is fierce, the market is volatile and only a select few Realtors and Real Estate Agents can really understand where the market is ripe for the picking. Below we have put together our top 5 tips to help you successfully buy property in San Diego today.

5 things to consider when buying property

1. Price/Budget 

Aim lower than your maximum price. When choosing one of these areas as a potential to call your home, or investing into the market volatility, make sure you set a budget with some wiggle room. There is money pouring into the Encinitas Real Estate Market and surrounding areas and there’s never any shortage. Investors and new money are buying up any “bargains” as investments to remodel and resell. Without the wiggle room you run the risk of being outbid, often. Entering the market slightly under budget gives you the freedom to offer a little more in case you find yourself with some competition. If not, you get a great price and some change left over!

2. Emotion

Keep your emotion in check. Often we come across these beautiful homes for sale in Encinitas and we fall in love with the home, the neighborhood, the beach, and we suffer from the FOMO (fear of missing out) and lose our cool. It’s often better to keep the cards close to your chest until you’re ready to make an offer. Sometimes entering a negotiation at a lower price can be a great way to save a little change, on the other hand, offering too low below asking price will more than likely leave you empty handed for good. Make sure when you fall in love you remain calm and confident to begin the sale negotiation. 

3. Terms

Entering a competitive market, there are some more subtle ways, other than price to get your offer accepted. These terms can include the amount of time to close, an inspection, appraisal, finance are all contingencies used by buyers to ensure they are getting what they are paying for: and they’re all extremely important. However, if you’ve found a house you’ve fallen in love with and you can’t bare to lose it, try using terms as a negotiation tactic to get the deal done. Choose some terms you’re comfortable with removing from the contract and see if this helps you come in ahead of a competitor! However, always be sure you are completely happy to do this as there is always a chance of disaster by leaving these out. This tact is not for the faint of heart, and should only be utilized in a hyper competitive market.

4. Financing

Consider the amount you are willing to place as a down payment. Do you have that sort of cash? Do you need to sell your home first? Speaking to a lender before entering into the leucadia homes for sale market is always a good idea. Understand your budget, the possibility of mortgage insurance and the rate you will be offered finance. All these need to be taken into careful consideration before coming up with your budget. Having your finance pre approved goes a long way to providing sellers with confidence that your offer is legitimate and there likely won’t be hold ups along the way. 

5. Relationships and Connections

Choose your Agent or Realtor in Encinitas and surrounding areas carefully. Aja with Coast Homes has been a Real Estate agent in the North Country area for years. Having a family here, she knows the area better than most and has established relationships throughout the coastal areas including San Diego, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Cardiff, Solana Beach, Leucadia to name a few. Aja has your best interests in mind and will ensure you get the best possible price in the area that you want. 

summary of the buyers guide tips from your local encinitas realtor

Choosing to enter San Diego North County Real Estate can be tricky if not navigated properly. Entering a sea of competitive, rich investors can seem daunting. So remember to plan accordingly.

Remember, look for homes BELOW your maximum budget. Use this wiggle room to close deals without going over budget. 

Keep your emotions in check. Don’t lead a seller to believe you love the home so much you’ll pay anything! 

Negotiating the terms if you’re becoming desperate to close on a home you love. Consider leaving out some of the terms that may lead a seller to choose your offer over another. Remember this can be dangerous so don’t make this decision lightly.

Have your finance pre approved. This way the seller knows you mean business when you make an offer. This can reassure a seller and sometimes lead them to take your offer over someone who hasn’t yet had theirs approved.

Choose an Agent wisely. In a volatile market sometimes the best course of action is to find someone who knows the market and knows where the best buys are located, possibly even getting you a leg up into the market before a house is listed! 

Good luck finding your dream home or investment.

Coastal North County has some of the best, most beautiful places California has to offer. If you’re new, welcome! If you’re a local we’d like you to stay.

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