Real Estate Life in Encinitas, San Diego

Real Estate Life in Encinitas, San Diego

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North County is the name given to San Diego’s northern cities along the coast of California. It consists of a handful of some of the most beautiful beaches, towns and suburbs in all of the United States. 

Of all these picturesque cities, sitting atop the bluffs of Moonlight beach and a beach after its own name, is Encinitas

With some of the best surfing destinations in all of the world, Encinitas is a hub brimming with friendly locals and out of towners looking to hit the surf or a beautiful meal in one of its innumerable destination restaurants and bars.

Its popularity continues to grow as people realize moving to their dream destination is so much more attainable than even just a few years ago. Encinitas is just that, a dream location to raise a family while at the same time being surrounded by amazing street fairs and other events right outside your door.

With such popularity however comes a rise in prices of Encinitas Real Estate with averaging prices headed over the million dollar mark. With growth continuing to trend on the up, Encinitas is the perfect place to settle down while at the same time having your home value increase significantly year after year! With a severe housing shortage currently in Encinitas you will have to act fast if you’re looking to buy a worthy pad. Subscribe to our listings here to stay up to date with the latest homes on the market.

Taking a walk down the 101 on a Saturday or Sunday can be staggering. The Encinitas markets filled with unique trinkets and goodies along with fun displays and food for the kids. The 101 is a famous highway that spans through California, Oregon and Washington on the west coast with some of the most incredible lookouts from the cliffs of many of California’s famous beaches.

With the prices rising and the competition clambering to get a piece of the Encinitas Real Estate pie, finding a local Encinitas Realtor is essential to discover the best deals and sneaky bargains. 

Good luck in your hunt and we hope to see you in one of the new homes in Encinitas soon.


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