Is Staging Your Home Worth It?

Is Staging Your Home Worth It?

How did you buy your first house?

You probably hired one of the top San Diego real estate agents and went to open houses to check out what was available on the market. You had a pleasant experience that led you to your dream house, and now, you want to sell it.

The question that you now have is ― should I stage it?

Before we answer it, imagine this:

Your real estate agent takes you to your first open house. After entering through the front door, you see boxes everywhere. There’s a lot of debris on the floor, and the house has a strange smell. You move in further and see a couch with stains on it. The walls have marks on them, and the floorboards are broken in places. From the outside, the house looks spectacular, but from the inside, it’s a mess. It had good bones, though.

You then went to your next open house. As you enter the house, you are hit by the rich aroma of coffee and freshly baked cookies. The house is clean and shining bright with lights. There is minimal furniture, but you can see that the room is huge. The dining room is set as if the seller invited you over for dinner. All in all, the house looks beautiful, and you can see yourself living there.

Which house would you pick from this hypothetical scenario?

The second one seems to be the obvious choice for most people, and that’s how staging works its magic on buyers!

What Does it Mean to Stage a Home?

As a first-time seller, you might have heard about staging and wondered how it helps. Encinitas realtors will tell you that it’s one of the most important parts of the home selling process, as it allows you to make your house look picture-perfect.

Staging transforms your house into an impersonal property. It creates a welcoming environment for buyers to see the house’s features without your belongings lying about. Typically, a home is staged with plants, lights, paintings, and other small visual aesthetics that give the interior an attractive look.

Here are some stats from the National Association of Realtors (NARs) that will help you understand why staging is vital for selling your house:

  • 40% of buyers’ agents said that a staged home had a positive effect on how buyers viewed the home
  • 83% of buyers’ agents said that a staged home allowed buyers to visualize their belongings inside the house and see it as their future home
  • 28% of sellers’ agents said that they staged all homes before listing them for sale
  • 22% of sellers’ agents said that a house’s value increased between 1% and 5% when it was staged, and 17% said it increased between 6% and 10%

Home Staging Cost

According to NARs, for every $100 spent on staging, a seller gets a potential return of $400. Moreover, staged CA real estate does not stay for long on the market. Depending on its location and nearby facilities, it can fetch 20% more than its value.

So, have we convinced you to stage your house? Then, get in touch with an Encinitas real estate agent to get your home professionally staged for maximum impact. Aja is a real estate professional who runs the Coast Homes agency. She is one of the top San Diego real estate agents helping buyers find their dream house and sellers make a smooth property sale. Click here to get in touch with her to sell your house.

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